What is Marine cargo insurance?

Marine Cargo insurance is all the movement of cargo by sea, air, rail and road.  Different types of goods are underwritten at various terms and conditions

What does Marine insurance cover?

Marine insurance covers all risks of any loss or damage to any cargo that is being transported.
Why should you have marine cargo insurance?

Goods being transported anywhere in the world are exposed to a wide range of risks some of which include loss or damage.

Most of these risks are difficult for the owner of the goods to manage directly. This is because the shipment will be given into the care, custody and control of third parties who will limit their liability for loss or damage to those goods
Chavda and Associates is proud to announce that we offering a wide variety of marine cargo insurance that will provide a peace of mind to all our clients. Chavda and Associates understands the value and importance of cargo and therefore will go the extra mile to make sure that all goods are covered on door to door bases, transported safely and on delivered on time.




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