Driving Force in the Procurement Industry

Chavda & Associates has emerged from humble beginnings and is a driving force in the Procurement Industry. We attribute this success to our commitment to maximum efficiency and personalized service.

Strategic Relationships

The strategic relationships that we have formed with many manufactures in both South Africa and around the world enable us to offer our clients competitive pricing for a wide range of quality products. We have developed an extensive knowledge of the requirements for the mining and construction industry and are able to offer tailor-made solutions to all our clients from ordering to delivery.



Integrated supply chain service

Our company provides customers with an integrated supply chain service. This includes sourcing, warehousing, transport (road, sea and air freight) and the management of final delivery. Our success is based in part on the personalised hand-on service as well as the rigorous systems and back-end administration the company offers its clients. All transactions are tracked, enabling us to keep the client informed at each stage of the process. All cargo is inspected before being delivered anywhere on the African continent.



Risk Management

Risk reporting and daily tracking of transactions allows Chavda & Associates the ability to remedy problem areas and delays related to freighting and operations. Our technology tracking and tracing systems provides you with the information you need. This ensures that you have total peace of mind when doing business with the company.